How NUT's Polyunsaturated Fat Reference Values Are Derived

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How NUT's Polyunsaturated Fat Reference Values Are Derived

Fatty Acid Metabolism The essential polyunsaturated fats are substances our bodies cannot make and participate in so many important bodily functions that they deserve a place on a nutrition program's main screen alongside the essential vitamins and minerals.

Tissue HUFA Maintenance, Lands (1992) NUT incorporates an empirical equation from Dr. William Lands that relates polyunsaturated fatty acid consumption in a low-fat diet to resulting percentages of Omega-6 highly unsaturated fatty acids in tissue phospholipids over the long term. For a low-carb/high-fat diet, this equation overstates the amount of Omega-3 required. The NUT reference values are refigured every time you show an analysis screen and they take into consideration all the fatty acids in the diet.

Tissue HUFA Diversity The scatterplot at the right shows actual levels of highly unsaturated fatty acids in tissue phospholipids for a population sample, with the first number of the "Omega-6/3 Balance" value indexed on the bottom axis.

The following graph is meant to demonstrate that comparable results can be achieved by either adding Omega-3 or reducing Omega-6 in accordance with varying cultural food customs. The rationale is that excessive Omega-6 metabolites can cause an exaggerated inflammation response that leads to tissue damage and cardiovascular events which can be prevented by allowing Omega-3 to outcompete Omega-6 for positions in the tissue phospholipids. Different HUFA Strategies

The graph below shows tissue concentrations of Omega-6 highly unsaturated fatty acids plotted against population cardiovascular mortality. Mortality and Tissue HUFA

Here is a nice ecological overview book chapter by Dr. Lands for the biologically-literate. And here is an excellent and understandable review by Dr. Lands with enough depth to further your comprehension of the importance of these fatty acids to how well you feel physically and mentally.

Experiment with various "Omega-6/3 Balance" values to get the main benefit of Omega-3, which is a lack of physical and mental suffering.