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Using Automatic Portion Control (PCF)

Here is a meatless, gluten-free meal designed to show off NUT's automatic portion control. At 2600 calories for three meals a day, it nicely provides one third of the "Daily Value" for all nutrients except Selenium and Zinc. I've used the straight DV of 10% protein, 30% fat and the balance of calories from carbohydrate, but if you were to change NUT's options for your own personal optimums, all the food quantities would of course be different and perhaps some of the foods would no longer be usable, such as when a low-carb plan disallows very much carbohydrate.

Example of NUT's automatic portion control

Here is a brief discussion of what portion control was selected and why:

Now, what you can't see in the previous example is the playing with the menu to get the best compromise between your eating plan and what you really want to eat. Here is a "primal blueprint" style menu with many of the same foods that fulfills all the vitamin and mineral DVs, and which has less than half the carbs of the previous plan, almost no starch, a little more protein, and the balance of calories from fat:

Another example of NUT's automatic portion control

In this example there are four kinds of meat: the salmon, the pork, the liver, and the beef. Besides protein, the salmon has Omega-3 and Selenium, the pork has Thiamin, the liver has Pantothenic Acid (as well as Retinol and a whole lot more), and the beef has Zinc. This suggests four different meals where you delete the three meats you won't be eating and use just "Protein", "Non-Fiber Carb", and "Total Fat" to enforce the macronutrient ratios on each individual meal. Over an extended analysis period, every nutrient would be covered by these four basic default meals as they are alternated and varied as desired. Here is the default beef meal:

A beef meal with NUT's automatic portion control

Finally, here is a well-formulated ketogenic meal created with NUTsqlite. In this example, there is no portion control for non-fiber carb, which is set to "adjust to my meals", because carbs are controlled instead by choosing only very low-carb foods:

A well-formulated ketogenic meal with NUT's automatic portion control

Here is the analysis for the preceding meal:

Analysis of a well-formulated ketogenic meal planned with NUT's automatic portion control

If a food goes to a negative quantity, it is a sign that the portion control constraints are already met elsewhere, and since you can't eat negative food, you will have to reorganize the menu. If you are totally mystified how to proceed, start with some meat, sugar, and butter as the PCF foods and slowly add what you really want to eat and watch the meat, sugar, and butter decrease in quantity as they are replaced with your own food choices.

Once we have designed a meal we can use, we copy it as a customary meal so we can reuse the meal when we are going to plan a similar meal. The reason you would be doing all this is because you want to eat in a particular way in order to discover if it makes you feel better or makes some symptom go away.